Beige Foxes Fleece / Stone Fleece Cavy Cavern

Beige Foxes Fleece / Stone Fleece Cavy Cavern

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Piggie Cavern 

Piggie Caverns are perfect for piggies to take their nap times in! They can house 2 guinea pigs if they like to snuggle! The lower front makes this bed an ideal choice for older piggies who aren't quite as agile anymore to navigate those bigger jumps.

The structure is made of 3/4 inch upholstery foam 
Wadding and fleece base
Includes removable fleece pad! 

Approx measurements

12 inches X 9 inch base
10 inches high

Machine Washable at 30-40 degrees 

This style of bed tilts backwards ever so slightly - this is not a fault and is part of the design.