DESIGN YOUR OWN Fleece Snuffle Forage Mat
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DESIGN YOUR OWN Fleece Snuffle Forage Mat

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Fleece Forage Mats

Made up and ready to ship



No limit to amount of fleece colours. Just message me your favourites on ordering.

Fleece Forage or snuffle mats are great for providing stimulation and enrichment to your guinea pigs lives. All my forage mats come with a pack of treats to get you started. (more can be purchased separately)
Mats have a pvc grid back with a variety of fleece strips for you to hide their favourite treats in. Mats can be customised in any colorway, just use the custom listing.

These mats are all approximately 22cm square when made up (some may be a little larger depending on the length of the fleece)

Please ensure guinea pigs are supervised when using this product. It is not designed to be left unattended. Hand wash only is recommended due to the variety of knots used to create the mat.