Guinea Pig Cage Liners

Guinea Pig Cage Liners
If your size isn't listed then please contact me for an accurate quote.
Cage Liners are fast becoming one of the preferred bedding options for piggie bedding. It's very easy to maintain, just sweep poops daily and change the liners when needed (usually every 5 days for a large enclosure) smaller cages will need changing more regularly but this will depend on the amount of piggies you have in the area.
I have updated my cage liners as of June 2022 to make them even better!

My NEW liners are made up from 2 layers of fleece (a printed and plain layer usually) with a layer of wadding and an additional absorbant layer sandwiched inbetween.- the wadding material filters urine through the liner into the absorbant fabric below it. My liners are supersoft and cushioning on piggies feet so great for arthritic piggies or piggies prone to foot infections, keeps your piggies very dry on the top layer of the fleece and is quickto dry after washing
I do not use a waterproof layer in my liners like cheaper alternatives. When using a liner the urine needs somewhere to go to otherwise you will end up with a wet surface = more washing, longer drying times, and a piggie with a wet underside which could cause health issues.
Guinea pig cage liner

Do I need another layer under your liners?

If you have a wipeable surface under my cage liners e.g plastic cage base or correx - you shouldn't need to use anything as if urine does get compressed through is easily wipeable during a changeover.

Guinea pig cage liner

Liner prices are below
Price List (guide) 2022
I review cage liner prices regularly and adjust the price in line with if the cost of materials goes up or down. As of 5th January 2022 I have reluctantly had to increase the majority of my liner prices yet again due to an increase in the cost of purchasing fleece and wadding.
These sizes are based on the 36cm grids EXACT internal measurements)
1 x 1  37cm x 37cm £9
2 x 1 73cm x 37cm £14
2 x 2 73cm x 73cm £19
3 x 2 108cm x 73cm £26
4 x 2 145cm x 73cm £35
3 x 3 108cm x 108cm £40
4 x 3 145cm x 108cm £45
5 x 2 183cm x 73cm £45
5 x 3 183cm x 108cm £50
6 x 2 218cm x 73cm £65
6 x 3 218cm x 108cm


**Special offer discounts on sets**  
5 x 2 & 2 X 1  (all in same fleece combo) £53 (saves £7)
6 x 2 & 2 X 1 (all in same fleece combo) £73 (saves £7)
These approximate measurements are taken from my own C&C cage using the 36cm grids and the standard connectors that you receive. If your grids are a different size or you fasten them together with different things e.g. tie wraps then please send your internal cage measurements when ordering. I always add a few cm on to measurements for a better fit.
Popular Cage Sizes
Zoozone 2 100cm x 50cm £22
Ferplast 100 100cm x 60cm £23
Ferplast 120 / Midwest 120cm x 60cm £25
Ferplast 140 140cm x 70cm £35
Little Friends 100cm x 100cm £40
Plaza 140 (2 part liner) 142cm x 60cm £33
Plaza 160 (2 part liner) 162cm x 60cm £35

When measuring your cage please send EXACT measurements - do not add anything on. This is because I add a little extra to cover any initial shrinkage that may occur when first washed. If you do add any extra length and width, pretty please inform me when ordering otherwise your liner may end up too big***

Matching Cosies can also be made for a complete set up.

To place a cage liner order, please message me with sizes, fabric choices and I will create a customised link for you to complete checkout.

All liners come with a printed side and a plain reverse.