Custom Orders

How do i place a custom order?
To place a custom order, please email me at stefpamperedpiggies@aol.com quoting the items you require and the fleece choices you would like.

How do i pay for a custom order?
Once i have received your request for a custom order, i will create you a personalised custom order link on the custom orders page to complete checkout. Just simply add this item to your basket and follow the instructions to checkout.

What payment methods do you accept?
Paypal, Credit/Debit Card. If you would like to pay via bank transfer / cheque please contact me

Is there a surcharge for placing a custom order?
Absolutely not!

How long will it take for me to receive my custom order?
Typically custom orders take around 3-4 weeks to dispatch. This is due to the volume of orders i am usually doing.

Can i cancel a custom order?
You have 24 hours after paying for a custom order to cancel for a full refund. This is because after 24 hours, i will begin the process of ordering the fleece and materials to make your order. If you decide to cancel after 24 hours and I have ordered in fleece to make your order specifically your refund will be minus these costs.


What shipping method do you use for UK Orders?
Uk orders are posted with HERMES courier by default. There are alternative methods of shipping available at checkout including royal mail. I only post tracked or signed shipping methods to ensure your items are covered for compensation claims should an item go astray.

Why is your international shipping expensive?
International orders are shipped via Royal Mail priority international tracked and signed service. All orders are fully insured if an item goes astray. I do not ship internationally using standard postal services as they do not cover items if they go missing. Shipping cost will automatically calculate on the weight of your items in your basket. 

Cage Liners

My cage liners are slightly larger than my measurements is this normal?
Yes! I always add a few cm to each side to allow any shrinkage that may occur during the initial washes. This ia why it is important for you to provide EXACT internal measurements so you don't end up with double over sizing.

What temperature can i wash my liners on?
I recommend washing my liners on a 30-40 degree wash. To kill bacteria antibacterial laundry cleanser can be used in the wash - available in most high street shops.
I have washed my own liners at 60 degrees - they did shrink by around 2cm and lost some of their loft so if you must please do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Can i tumble dry my liners?
No. I really don't recommend it. Tumble drying your liners may cause them to go lumpy, crunchy and misshapen. Care should also be taken when drying liners on a super hot radiator - do not leave them on longer than necessary. I always recommend to air dry my items on a washing line where possible.

My liners are crunchy after washing?
Please check that you have washed the liners on a long enough cycle - they may still be full of detergent. Wash them on an extra rinse if needed.
I have washed my new liners as instructed on the care sheet but they are still not wicking what do I do?
This is uncommon but if you are having issues please read below. It usually takes atleast 2 washes to get the liners to start wicking - they will improve further after each wash. 
Make sure the detergent you are using is not leaving a coating on the fleece - do not use detergents containing fabric softener or optical brighteners as these leave behind a coating. Sports/pet/sensitive/perfume free varieties of detergent have been known to cause issues. If any of these products are used I would recommend switching detergents and re starting the wicking process baring in mind if the fleece has been coated initially it will take some extra washing for removing. 
Please make sure you are not overloading your washing machine during the initial wicking process as this can hinder the wicking speed. 
White vinegar can be used to help the wicking process and also to help remove odours once in use.
You will know when your liners are wicked as their will be no puddles on top of your fleece when water is dropped on to them. The liquid will disperse into the lower layers keeping the surface dry for your piggies.
Please note if your guinea pigs urinate in one particular area repeatedly it is recommended to use cage pads on top of the fleece in that area changed out regularly.
How do I remove hairs from fleece?
Guinea pigs shed fur. ALOT! Using a brush when sweeping poops daily will remove quite alot of fur but you can also use a curry comb (designed for brushing horses) a lint roller or a lint brush designed for removing hair from sofas. 
Always use a horse wash bag in your washing machine to prevent hair clogging up the pipes and filters- it's amazing what these bags catch that would otherwise end up in your washing machine !
Cosy Items

What materials do you use to create cosies?
All my cosies are created using the best quality upholstery foams and wadding. My main fabric is fleece but i do use pretty cottons if i come across any.

Can you make things that aren't on your website like a cube?
Yes! Just send me a picture of what you would like creating and i will see if i can do it for you, provided it is a 'generic' item and not an exclusive or trademarked design of another company.

What temperature can i wash my items on?
As with cage liners - same rules apply. Please make sure to re shape items whilst they are damp. If you scrunch them up on a radiator they will dry in that shape, remember!


I've just received my order and would like to return an item, how do i do that?
If you receive an item and change your mind about it then you can return it within 7 days of receiving it. It must be in its original packaging, un used and unwashed. 
Return postage costs are the buyers responsibility and your original shipping charge will not be refunded if you simply change your mind.  Return shipping charges will only be paid if an item arrives damaged.
Custom sized items e.g cage liners are NON REFUNDABLE so please ensure you are happy with sizing BEFORE using.
Any items that have been washed and used are NON REFUNDABLE under any circumstances as I cannot resell them in this condition. Please ensure you are happy with your items before using them.