The Benefits Of Fleece Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Congratulations on your new piggie arrivals! If you have landed on this page you are likely wondering if fleece is the best bedding to keep your guinea pigs on to keep them happy and healthy.
Here I will go into the benefits of fleece and why I personally think it's the best bedding for your pigs.
Why choose fleece?
Fleece Cage liners are reusable making them an eco friendly option. They can be used and washed hundreds of times without losing shape or condition. 
Guinea pig fleece cage liners
I like to think that my liners are built to last - I have used in the past the same cage liners I made over a three year period until I changed the shape of my cage and they still had lots of life in them.
Using fleece has health benefits for your guinea pigs. There are no dusty shavings, the fleece is soft and cushioning on their delicate feet and the fleece wicks away moisture into the lower layers so they aren't laying in damp patches like they can on shavings. 
Fleece liners can be washed in a washing machine - I wash mine on 30/40 degrees and they always come out clean using a budget bio laundry detergent.
The happiness that you witness when a guinea pig encounters fleece for the first time is amazing. It brings them so much joy, enrichment, stimulation and comfort.
Guinea pig in fleece bed
If you have any questions about fleece I would be happy to answer them. Just drop me an email.