Price List

Product Price List 2022
Prices are in GBP
This is the full range of items that I currently make. All items listed here can be custom ordered at any time 🙂
Snuggle sack Standard Piggie Sack 11 x 12  £10
Snuggle sack (M) Medium Piggie Sack 14 X 11  £12
Snuggle sack  (L) Large Piggie Sack 14 X 14 £14
Open Ended Piggie Sack  £12
Cosy Tunnel   £12
Custom Bunting £6
Large Foam Tunnel with pad  £22
Piggie Den with pad £20
Piggie Shelter with pad  £24
Piggie Cave With Pad  £24
Toadstool House with Pad  £26
Hay Bag with Clips  £10
Guinea pig cube Cube with Pad £26
With clips
Lap Pad 15x15  £10
Standard Cage Pad (small) 8x8  £4
Cage Pad  (medium) 10x10  £6
Strawberry Den with pad  £23
Cuddle cup Standard Cuddle Cup (pads available to order seperately) £10
(M) Boar Sized Cuddle Cup (pads available to order seperately)

Large Cuddle Cup (pads available to order seperately) £14
Piggie Pyramid with pad  £25
Corner Forest With clips  £10
1 x 1 C&C Fleece Forest  £15
Heat Pad Covers  £4
Floortime Blankets £24 lightweight / £35 heavyweight