Hello everyone. I hope you are all well, staying safe and following the government guidelines of washing your hands, social distancing etc...
I thought I would do a quick blog post to address how coronavirus MAY affect pampered piggies in the coming weeks or months depending on the severity of the outbreak.
Anyone that knows me personally knows how much of a germaphobe I am. I have been this way for 20+ years - I didn't need the government to tell me to wash my hands - I do that at least 20 times a day anyway and I work from home so I'm not out about regularly with the public's germs! So you can be assured that everything is always clean at PPB HQ.
I have listed below some things that may cause an issue or have to change.
Fleece supplies for cage liners - I already stock a limited amount of fleeces in large quantities but not all - if shipments are delayed to the suppliers from overseas or if the UK fleece suppliers are affected and not able to ship orders out this will have a knock on effect for me manufacturing some cage liners to order. In this instance I will not accept new custom orders of liners until I can guarantee delivery times. If this issue arises you will likely see me make pre made cage liners from the prints of fleece I already have - which is something I'm always meaning to do anyway but never find the time to.
Cosies will be less likely to be affected as I have a ton of fleece in smaller quantities and offcuts to keep me going for a good few YEARS so no worries there.
Shipping. I currently as always use hermes as my main delivery option. I do offer royal mail too for the small handful of customers who don't like hermes or want a faster shipping option. I have TEMPORARILY suspended royal mail Recorded shipping and international shipping so that my partner doesn't have to go out and queue in a post office of potentially sick people because let's be honest not everyone will follow the guidelines and stay at home if they have a cough.
This only applies to new orders, not orders already placed.
Please also remember to allow additional time for orders to be delivered at this time. Panic buying is putting extra strain on courier's which may delay shipping.
It's important now more than ever to keep supporting small businesses, this is going to be a stressful, anxious time for everyone with many having financial issues. This virus should not stop you being afraid to spoil your fur babies and support other small businesses ♥️
Please be rest assured me and my partner are always super hygienic anyway and we've even stepped it up a gear in the sewing room using hand sanitizer frequently in there too. With a mum, brother, Mother & Father in law in the vulnerable / at risk category we have to be extra cautious.
Thankyou all for your continued support and custom ♥️

I hope to have international shipping back up as soon as possible ! 
* I have also temporarily suspended the sale of hammock stands and accessories as we cannot get out to get the wood for them on a regular basis)*
Stef & Piggies ♥️

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